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Because I would like to live in a world in which everyone thrives, I embarked on a journey of discovery from a young age. As a business school graduate, I deliberately chose not to pursue a career on Wall Street in order to focus on social entrepreneurship as a means to create positive change. Over time, however, I realized that the health of the economic system in which we live influences our well-being on a far greater scale than any social enterprise ever could. This insight led me on a quest to discover how a new economic system might allow for a greater unfolding of human potential.
Over a period of several years, I researched and wrote a book on this new economic paradigm, Land: A New Paradigm for a Thriving World, which was published by North Atlantic Books in 2015.

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What others have said
I’ve known and worked with Martin Adams for a decade. In that time, I've come to appreciate his service orientation and dedication to quality. His standards, integrity, and evolving wisdom are extraordinary. Martin's writing, work, and life emerge from a pure place of spirit. He’s a gift to our world.
— Dan Millman
bestselling author of
Martin is a deeply introspective thinker. His work ethic, as well as his passion for learning and excelling in new areas, is at a level most of us only dream about. Beyond his very compassionate nature for all things on this planet, he also works tirelessly to inform others on ways humanity might create a brighter and healthier place for us all to live. Martin is a rare man that not only talks the talk, but truly is walking a higher path on all levels, especially in the areas of work, trust, integrity, and heartfelt honesty.
— Garry Alesio
life coach, yoga teacher
“A brilliant contribution from one of the most important voices of our time.”
— Thom Hartmann
NY Times Bestselling Author