On a personal note...

Because I would like to live in a world where everyone thrives, I embarked on a journey of discovery from a young age. As a business graduate, I deliberately chose not to pursue a career on Wall Street in order to focus on entrepreneurship as a means to create social change. Over time, however, I realized that the economic system we live in influences human well-being on a far greater scale than social enterprise. This realization led me on a quest to discover how a new economic paradigm might allow for a greater unfolding of human potential. Over a period of several years, I researched and wrote a manifesto on this new economic paradigm, which will be published by North Atlantic Books in 2015.

To a more beautiful way of living,

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What others have said

I’ve worked with Martin Adams for several years and have come to appreciate his service orientation and dedication to quality. I’ve met few people with higher standards or as high integrity as Martin. His new book, and his life, emerge from his spirit and insight—he’s a gift to our world.

— Dan Millman
bestselling author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Martin is a deeply introspective thinker. His work ethic, as well as his passion for learning and excelling in new areas, is at a level most of us only dream about. Beyond his very compassionate nature for all things on this planet, he also works tirelessly to inform others on ways humanity might create a brighter and healthier place for us all to live. Martin is a rare man that not only talks the talk, but truly is walking a higher path on all levels, especially in the areas of work, trust, integrity, and heartfelt honesty.

— Garry Alesio
life coach, yoga teacher at peace love and yoga

Martin uses his wealth of knowledge and intellect to problem solve and create the best outcome for all concerned. He sees the big picture, has a deep connection to people, and has the energy and willingness to work for change.

— Debra Hodgen
health practitioner at Debra Hodgen Wellness

Martin’s most illuminated quality is that he is a seeker of truth. His truth is typically found through the details of life. It is through the details that he makes decisions from a higher perspective.

— Dawn Singer
former business partner